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Premanand Ji Maharaj: What is the real name of Premanand Ji Maharaj, how are the saints, know the story of Premanand Ji Maharaj of Vrindavan.
Premanand Ji Maharaj: Premanand Ji Maharaj performs bhajan-kirtan of Radharani in Vrindavan. They acquire the knowledge of attaining salvation through hymns and stories. Know about the life of Premanand Ji Maharaj.
   Premanand Ji Maharaj: Who does not know Premanand Ji Maharaj, a great devotee of Radharani and resident of Vrindavan. He is a famous saint of today's time. This is the reason why people from far and wide come to his bhajans and satsangs. Premanand Ji Maharaj has been photographed far and wide.

It is said that Bholenath himself had darshan of Premanand Ji Maharaj. After this he left his home and went to Vrindavan. But do you know why Premanand Ji Maharaj left the ordinary life and chose the path of devotion and how Maharaj Ji became a saint. Let us know about the life of Premanand Ji Maharaj.
Biography of Premanand Ji Maharaj (Premanand Ji Maharaj Biography)

Premanand Ji Maharaj was born in a Brahmin family in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Premanand ji's childhood name is Anirudh Kumar Pavilion. His father's name is Shri Shambhu Pandey and mother's name is Mrs. Rama Devi. Premanand ji's grandfather was the first to accept the saint. Along with this, other examples also used to worship God and one of these elder brothers also used to recite Bhagwat daily.

There was an atmosphere of devotion in Premanand ji's family and this had an impact on his life as well. Premanand is a disciple of Ji Maharaj, when he was in 5th class, he started studying Geeta and thus gradually his interest increased towards spirituality. Along with this he also started gaining knowledge of spiritual knowledge. When he turned 13, he decided to become a celibate and after this he left home and became a saint. Beginning of Sanyali life, Premanand Ji Maharaj was named Aryan Brahmachari.

Saints are living many days in life

Premanand Ji Maharaj left his home to become a saint and came to Varanasi and started living his life. In the example of the lives of the saints, they used to bathe in Ganga thrice daily and meditate and worship Lord Shiva and Mother Ganga at Tulsi Ghat. He used to eat only once a day. Premanand Ji Maharaj was a friend for 10-15 minutes with the desire of getting food instead of alms friend. If he got food thrice, he would not accept it but would only drink Ganga water. Premanand Ji Maharaj remained a partner for many days in the glimpse of saint's life.

The miraculous story of Premanand ji's arrival in Vrindavan

The story of Premanand Maharaj ji coming to Vrindavan after becoming a saint is very miraculous. One day Premanand Ji Maharaj met an architectural saint and he said that Sri Chaitanya Leela during the day and Raasleela stage at night has been organized by Sri Ram in Sri Hanumat Dham University, to which you are invited. Earlier, Maharaj ji had convinced the sadhus for the ashram. But the sadhu insisted a lot to participate in this event, after which Maharaj ji resolved to accept it. When Premanand Ji Maharaj went to watch Chaitanya Leela and Raas Leela, he liked the program very much. This program lasted for about a month and then ended.

After the completion of Chaitanya Leela and Raasleela, Premanand Ji Maharaj's event was seen asking how to see Raasleela now. After this Maharaj ji went to the same saint who had come to invite him. Maharaj ji, please publish your work, take me along with you, so that I can see the Raasleela. I will take your service in return.

The saint said that you come to Vrindavan, there you will get to see Raasleela every day. Hearing these words of the saint, Maharajji felt the urge to come to Vrindavan and only then he got the inspiration to come to Vrindavan. After this, Maharaj ji came to the stage of Radharani and Shri Krishna in Vrindavan and started attaining God. After this Maharaj ji went on the path of devotion. In Vrindavan he also joined the Radha Vallabh sect.

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